Scar Work

Scar Work is a gentle, non-invasive treatment which focuses on integrating scar tissue into the fascial web. This work can soften and smooth the scar tissue, reduce tension, and improve the freeling and appearance of the tissue in just a few sessions. This works for any type of scar of any age or size. The effects are lasting and even a single session can bring improvements to the tissue. Though the work is very gentle, the effects move deep into the tissue.

Why get Scar Work?
Scar tissue is very dense fascia. Though it serves the purpose of mending tissue injuries, it can be the source of a lot of tension and restriction. It can limit function and mobility even many years after the original injury or surgery. Because scar tissue is so dense, it can disrupt functional movement patterns by pulling on surrounding tissue and inhibiting movement in other parts of the body. Abdominal scars can disrupt or limit movement in the digestive system and cause obstructions.

Scar Work can be integrated into a Structural Integration or a Myofascial Bodywork session, or experienced as a treatment on it's own.